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The Ho-Sang Show: Josh Ho-Sang’s Report Card

Welcome to the series of player report cards! In these articles (in alphabetical order by first name), you will see a player’s statistics and our ratings of that player based on a variety of factors.

The most important factor is importance to team and consistency. This rating is out of 25 points, and will be determine based of how important that player was. If the player was off the team, how would the team fare? This question was taken into mind in this ranking.

Offense and defense are also taken into account. This will be determined by how effective the player was by HIS standards. For example, Stephen Gionta may not have had 30 goals or have been a +40, but he was very productive for the team when he played so he will receive a high score.

Physicality/tenaciousness, clutch factor, and leadership are smaller scores that are important to us, so they will be ranked as ten points, ten points and five points respectively. Together, the points available from each category equal 100 points and all the points received will be added up into a letter grade.


Today’s Player Report Card: Josh Ho-Sang

Josh Ho-Sang’s 2016-2017 Season Stats: GP: 21 G: 4 A: 6 P: 10 +/-: +1 GWG: 0

Many were calling the Islanders and general manager Garth Snow out for staying put at this year’s trade deadline but they did make one move and that one move proved to be more valuable than any trade the Islanders could have made. That move was calling Josh Ho-Sang up from Bridgeport and he instantly became a fan favorite. Every home game following his call-up, fans were tearing down shelves and crowding the team store hoping to find themselves a Josh Ho-Sang player t-shirt and many fans got custom Ho-Sang jerseys before the team store started putting them on the shelves. During the game it’s self, every time Ho-Sang touched the puck you could see everyone on the edge of their seats and chanting his name in a soccer game-like style. He went back down to Bridgeport after the Islanders’ season ended and tried to help the Sound Tigers fight for a playoff spot but it’s hard to imagine not seeing Ho-Sang on the Islanders roster. Ho-Sang was great this year, and was one of the best players when called up, however, these ranking do not really reflect him as a player. He is obviously not a leader and his defense needed work, so unfortunately his score will be not be as high as some may think.

Importance to Team/Consistency: 25/25

Call it the Josh Ho-Sang effect, call it whatever you want. Ho-Sang is one of the flashiest players you’ll every see and the season basically (almost) turned around the day he got called up from the Sound Tigers. He can carry the puck, lead rushes, lead the power play, and make defenders look silly like a basketball player would by ‘breaking ankles’. He had ten points through 21 games and not only were they all highlight-reel worthy but they were important as were all Islander goals during the final stretch of the season. Despite it being Ho-Sang’s first season of professional hockey, he made everyone around him better.

Offense: 25/25

Ho-Sang is an unbelievable player and scoring is his strength. It was beautiful to watch him skate with the puck, as it almost was like the puck stuck to his stick. He quickly emerged as the Islanders’ best puck carrier, beating out Nick Leddy. He was scoring at an unbelievable rate to start his career, but quietly cooled down, even though he was still involved in almost every play.

Defense: 20/25

Josh Ho-Sang was scratched a couple of times in Bridgeport this season because he needed to work on his defensive game and play away from the puck. It looks like talking things over with Sound Tigers head coach Brett Thompson and Islanders head coach Doug Weight has really helped his defensive game because he looked pretty good with and without the puck considering it was his first season in pro hockey and first 21 games in the NHL.

Physicality/Tenaciousness: 8/10

As amazing as Ho-Sang is, there are categories on our report cards that will and will not benefit the player. This is one that won’t benefit Ho-Sang as he isn’t the most physical guy out there. Although he was involved in post-whistle scrums, Ho-Sang still has time to get bigger and stronger. Ho Sang is a very tenacious player, which helps this score, but unfortunately his 4 hits are not enough for a dump-and-chase team like the Islanders.

Clutch Factor: 10/10

Islander fans were always high on Josh Ho-Sang, but even with his call up on the trade deadline, Isles fans were still disappointed with their team not making a single trade. However, Ho-Sang really saved management on this one, making an instant impact with the Isles — an impact no one the Isles could’ve traded for would’ve made. Ho-Sang’s clutchest play was in one of his first few NHL games when after he and Jason Chimera had helped erase a 2-0 Hurricane lead. After this, the game went to overtime. In overtime, Nick Leddy dropped a pass back to Ho-Sang who led the rush up the ice, shaking by defenders in the process. Just as he had passed the blue line, Ho-Sang dropped the puck between his legs for John Tavares who was right behind him. Ho-Sang then kept going, eliminating the defender from the play and from Tavares, giving Tavares a lane and opportunity to get a shot off. Tavares beat Cam Ward with a writer and the Islanders won the game 3-2 in overtime, a big response and a big two points in the standings following an 8-4 blowout by the Hurricanes in Brooklyn the previous night.

Leadership: 3/5

With his first professional season in the books, Ho-Sang was the one receiving advice whether it was from the veterans in Bridgeport or the guys with the Isles. However, Ho-Sang took leadership by being responsible for himself. As Doug Weight has said, Ho-Sang loves to talk and ask questions. He also likes to watch video from previous games and see how he could improve, what he was doing right, and what he was doing wrong. Even if we forget his antics in the past (e.g. showing up late to training camp), he is still too young to emerge as a leader.

Josh Ho-Sang Season Highlights:

Grade: 91/100; A-

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