Game Summary

Instant Reaction: Islanders 2, Sharks 3

The Islanders have been hard to watch lately. A team that went to the second round now at the bottom of the league. I could write about how losing core players in the free agency has hurt them but that is in the past and I am sure you’ve read enough about it. What I will talk about is the game and what is wrong with the team.

The Game:

As I said, they’ve been hard to watch. They’ve been really hard to watch but they played at 4:00 tonight so why not. They struck early and on the power play so that was good. Anders Lee now with three goals in his last two games, that is a good sign. Then in the second the Sharks strike, but not once, twice. Two goals in just over 30 seconds and they’re up. Greiss did his job and the Islanders began to pick up their play but were still down in the final minute with the net empty. With under a minute to go John Tavares set up Nick Leddy and for what seems like the first time this season I jumped up in happiness. But no. The Islanders wouldn’t get a single point out of this one. Not one point, not two. With 22.5 to go Patrick Marleau gave the Sharks the lead.

What’s Wrong?:

There have been plenty of articles about this so I will keep it brief and simple and mainly directed towards this game or this trip in particular. They’ve been the better team in all three of these games on this California trip in my opinion. They started off with a 14 round shootout win in Anaheim and even got some puck luck as Thomas Hickey’s shootout goal to keep the shootout going was perhaps questionable and controversial. How many times have they let up a game-tying or game-winning goal in the final minute? I knew that stat a couple of days ago but the stat keeps changing. That is the biggest issue for me as of late. Why does it happen? Why do they let up final minute goals? It doesn’t look like they stop trying or playing. So now the “it’s too early” excuse doesn’t really work as we get farther into the season.  So now what? Can this season be saved?

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