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Here to Stay: Cal Clutterbuck’s Report Card

Welcome to the series of player report cards! In these articles (in alphabetical order by first name), you will see a player’s statistics and our ratings of that player based on a variety of factors.

The most important factor is importance to team and consistency. This rating is out of 25 points, and will be determine based of how important that player was. If the player was off the team, how would the team fare? This question was taken into mind in this ranking.

Offense and defense are also taken into account. This will be determined by how effective the player was by HIS standards. For example, Stephen Gionta may not have had 30 goals or have been a +40, but he was very productive for the team when he played so he will receive a high score.

Physicality/tenaciousness, clutch factor, and leadership are smaller scores that are important to us, so they will be ranked as ten points, ten points and five points respectively. Together, the points available from each category equal 100 points and all the points received will be added up into a letter grade.

Today’s Player Report Card: Cal Clutterbuck

Cal Clutterbuck’s 2016-2017 Season Stats: GP: 66 G: 5 A: 15 P: 20 +/-: +2 GWG: 1

Cal Clutterbuck was set to become an unrestricted free agent at the end of this season but a five-year deal signed in early December worth an AAV of $3,500,000 will keep Clutterbuck as an Islander until the end of the 2021-2022 season. Following a clutch 2015-2016 campaign much was expected out of Clutterbuck especially with the contract extension and pay raise but a nagging groin strain limited him in terms of production and games played.

Importance to Team/Consistency: 20/25

Clutterbuck is a big team first guy and although this kind of bleeds into the leadership category, this is very important. Clutterbuck is always involved in post-whistle scrums and his role as an agitator sets up plenty of power plays after he gets under an opponent’s skin.

Offense: 14/25

A rough year in terms of of offense for Clutterbuck who saw his goal and assist numbers almost swap places. Clutterbuck had 15 goals and eight assists in the 2015-2016 season and followed that up with five goals and 15 assists this season. Clutterbuck’s 66 games were 11 games less than the season prior but it was still a big drop in production for a clutch, energizing player, with a very underrated wrist shot and release. Clutterbuck’s shot percentage was the worst in his career at 4.3% (not including a two game stint with Minnesota in the 2007-2008 season where he didn’t register a shot on goal in that two game span).

Defense: 24/25

Clutterbuck was a mainstay on the penalty kill and any forward on the penalty kill is clearly good at defense. His +2 this season was just the third time in his career where his +/- was a +.

Physicality/Tenaciousness: 10/10

Cal Clutterbuck is known around the league for his role as an agitator. Clutterbuck finished 17th in the league, and first on the Islanders in hits with 222.

Clutch Factor: 3/10

Clutterbuck was arguably the Islanders’ clutchest player last season but that was not the case for this season. This season Clutterbuck only had one game-winning/go-ahead goal and five goals in total. These are not the numbers you’d like to see out of someone that just signed a huge contract.

Leadership: 5/5

There were plenty of replacement options for the Islanders when the team lost both of their alternate captains in the free agency. Cal Clutterbuck had previously worn the “A” when players that wore it were injured or not in the lineup but with the spot officially open, Clutterbuck got an “A” along with Travis Hamonic and Andrew Ladd. Ladd wore the “A” the whole season while Clutterbuck rotated every other game with Hamonic.

Cal Clutterbuck Season Highlights:

Grade: 76/100; C

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