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Brocktober: Brock Nelson’s Report Card

Welcome to the series of player report cards! In these articles (in alphabetical order by first name), you will see a player’s statistics and our ratings of that player based on a variety of factors.

The most important factor is importance to team and consistency. This rating is out of 25 points, and will be determine based of how important that player was. If the player was off the team, how would the team fare? This question was taken into mind in this ranking.

Offense and defense are also taken into account. This will be determined by how effective the player was by HIS standards. For example, Stephen Gionta may not have had 30 goals or have been a +40, but he was very productive for the team when he played so he will receive a high score.

Physicality/tenaciousness, clutch factor, and leadership are smaller scores that are important to us, so they will be ranked as ten points, ten points and five points respectively. Together, the points available from each category equal 100 points and all the points received will be added up into a letter grade.

Today’s Player Report Card: Brock Nelson

Nick Leddy’s 2016-2017 Season Stats: GP: 81 G: 20 A: 25 P: 45 +/-: -6 GWG: 4

Like majority of goal scorers in the NHL, Brock Nelson is a streaky player. There can be days, weeks, sometimes a month at a time, where Nelson shows the potential to be an elite NHL goal scorer but at other times you wonder if he’ll ever find the back of the net again.

Importance to Team/Consistency: 20/25

Perhaps Nelson is one of the most low-key players on the Isles roster. He is a regular in lineup and has quietly put up decent numbers with 20 goals and 25 assists through 81 games but other than the occasional appearance on the second power play unit, Nelson usually logs third line, even strength minutes. However, 20 goals is no joke in the NHL and the team does rely on him getting those.

Offense: 20/25

A third liner with 20 goals can be seen as a successful offensive player. The problem is that Nelson should be much higher than that, but his streaky play sets him back. If he became consistent then the rest of the league better watch out. His wrist shot is one of the NHL’s best, as it is accurate and it’s release is perfect.

Defense: 15/25

Fans often use the words “defensive liability” to describe Nelson meaning as much as he could bring offensively, his defensive game still needs work. I’ve seen Nelson strip opponents of the puck in the neutral zone but don’t expect him to be leading any penalty kills any time soon.

Physicality/Tenaciousness: 8/10

After whistles, Nelson is usually in the mix of things, trying to get under opponents skins and leading scrums but Nelson isn’t known for a fighter and isn’t known for his physical play.

Clutch Factor: 6/10

Despite him having 20 goals, when he scores you find yourself saying hallelujah and you can see he somewhat feels that way too, celebrating each goal with a fist pump and sigh of relief. However, Nelson does have three game-winning/go-ahead goals this year including a big momentum shifting goal to beat the Maple Leafs in overtime a couple of months back. However, he is so streaky that he has really cost the Islanders in the past, and especially this season. He disappears when the Islanders need him most.

Leadership: 3/5

Nelson is not a leader. While I am not in the locker room, it is apparent that he is not one of the guys who has a role in the locker room. While press conferences are not something to criticize, he often looks bored when being interviewed after games.

Brock Nelson’s Season Highlights:

Grade: 73/100; C

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