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Better With Age: Jason Chimera’s Report Card

Welcome to the series of player report cards! In these articles (in alphabetical order by first name), you will see a player’s statistics and our ratings of that player based on a variety of factors.

The most important factor is importance to team and consistency. This rating is out of 25 points, and will be determine based of how important that player was. If the player was off the team, how would the team fare? This question was taken into mind in this ranking.

Offense and defense are also taken into account. This will be determined by how effective the player was by HIS standards. For example, Stephen Gionta may not have had 30 goals or have been a +40, but he was very productive for the team when he played so he will receive a high score.

Physicality/tenaciousness, clutch factor, and leadership are smaller scores that are important to us, so they will be ranked as ten points, ten points and five points respectively. Together, the points available from each category equal 100 points and all the points received will be added up into a letter grade.

When the Islanders signed Jason Chimera on the opening day of the free agency, there were expectations but no one really expected Chimera to put up a second straight 20 goal season at age 37. He did though and added 13 assists along the way as he was a key factor to the Isles late season, playoff push.

Importance to Team/Consistency: 22/25

20 goals, 13 assists, and 33 points are numbers good enough to be on any team in the NHL and for that reason Chimera is of course important to the team. While consistency was a problem for Chimera, who got off to a slow start in the orange and blue, he picked it up in mid-January and never looked back. Chimera was a frequent member of the Islanders’ often successful penalty kill, scoring a short-handed goal in a 4-0 win against Boston.

Offense: 22/25

Especially while struggling, Chimera received a reduced amount of ice time compared to his average with Washington the season prior. When PA Parenteau was waived days before the regular-season (for some reason), Chimera started off the season on the first line right wing with John Tavares at center and Andrew Ladd at left wing. That experiment didn’t last for long and Chimera would move from the second line to fourth line constantly before finding some chemistry with Andrew Ladd and Alan Quine. 20 goals should be enough to get 25/25 for the offensive category and 13 assists to go with only helps.

Defense: 21/25

Chimera was a mainstay on the penalty kill and any forward on the penalty kill is clearly good at defense. His +1 this season was much better than his +/- in Washington, which means he stepped up his game on a worse team.

Physicality/Tenaciousness: 9/10

Chimera is a physical guy and even dropped the gloves twice this season.

Clutch Factor: 7/10

A goal is a goal in the NHL and fans of the team scoring them will take them at any time of the game so it’s hard to complain about any of Chimera’s 20. Two of them technically were game-winning/go-ahead goals but when they were scored, that wasn’t known yet with time still on the clock. In his 1,000th NHL game, Chimera did tie the game against the Red Wings with minutes to go but the Red Wings would score with around 30 seconds left on the clock to once again regain the lead. However, the Islanders could have used some better play from Chimera as time wound down in games.

Leadership: 5/5

Chimera is a veteran with 1,033 regular-season games and 69 playoff games under his belt. He’s been around the league for a long time and has been onboard for many of the Capitals’ successful regular-seasons and (short-lived) playoff runs. If you have the Islanders on social media you’ll see he is always getting the guys pumped before games.

Jason Chimera Season Highlights:

Grade: 86/100; B

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