Season Predictions

All Islanders’ Season Predictions

It is nearly impossible to guess. A lot can go right or wrong in an 82 game regular-season from injuries to trades to winning and losing games but that won’t stop us from trying to predict how it might go. From game-by-game score predictions, player’s individual statistics, playoffs, and so much more, we try to predict the Islanders 2016-2017 season. Today I, All Islanders will give it a try…

Keep in mind, this is all pretty random, it would be nearly impossible to even come close to accurate but it should be fun to follow throughout the regular-season and at the end of each month we will see how everyone did.

Offseason moves:

Well they lost four regulars in the lineup (Strait, Martin, Nielsen, and Okposo) and gained three players via free agency (Parenteau, Chimera, Ladd). I believe Pulock is ready to become an NHL regular and could help on the power play and on the third pairing. Chimera should be an improvement of Matt Martin on the fourth line, assuming he plays there. He may not be a fan favorite like Martin was but he is fast and could make the league’s best fourth line even better. Together, Ladd and Parenteau can help with the loss of Okposo but covering the loss of Frans Nielsen will be a team effort.

Opening Night 23 Man Roster:

*UPDATE: I updated my opening night lineup predictions on 10/8/16








de Haan-Pulock






Seidenberg, Quine, Berube


Grabovski, Prince

This is 23 people plus Grabovski and Prince on the IR. Prince isn’t on the IR as of the morning of 10/8/16 but he hasn’t played in awhile and in oder to make room for Barzal, I believe that is where he will go. Both Barzal and Beauvillier are having impressive training camps, Barzal even leading the team in scoring. I think Barzal will make it or at least get the nine game tryout. It could be possible that both Barzal and Beauvillier get the nine game tryout but I think that Beauvillier will find himself in the same position that Barzal found himself in last year, the last cut from training camp.

Regular-Season Individual Player Statistics

(The games played all added up probably doesn’t make any sense, to be honest, along with everything else. The stats were just random guesses and pretty un-educated)

Click to view my statistic predictions here.

*Everything from here on down was written in early September and hasn’t been changed since unlike the opening night line and regular-season individual statistic predictions which I updated on 10/8/16.

Now, game by game predictions organized by each month, but before that a couple of preseason predictions…


Dal Colle didn’t impress as expected last preseason and Ho-Sang never even got to participate in it due to showing up late on the first day. Both have been working hard since then. Expect better preseasons from them, although I still think they both start out in Bridgeport.


Game #1-@Rangers-10/13/16: 4-2W

Game #2-@Capitals-10/15/16: 2-1OTL

Game #3-vsDucks-10/16/16: 3-2W

Game #4-vsSharks-10/18/16: 4-2L

Game #5-vsCoyotes-10/21/16: 5-2W

Game #6-vsWild-10/23/16: 5-4W

Game #7-vsMontreal-10/26/16: 2-1L

Game #8-@Penguins-10/27/16: 1-0SOW

Game #9-vsToronto-10/30/16: 5-3W

October Record: 6-2-1 (13 points)

Overall Record: 6-2-1 (13 points)


Game #10-vsLightning-11/1/16: 4-0W

Game #11-vsFlyers-11/3/16: 4-1L

Game #12-vsEdmonton-11/5/16: 3-2OTW

Game #13-vsCanucks-11/7/16: 3-2L

Game #14-@Lightning-11/10/16: 2-0L

Game #15-@Panthers-11/12/16: 4-3W

Game #16-vsLightning-11/14/16: 5-1W

Game #17-vsPenguins-11/18/16: 5-0L

Game #18-@Ducks-11/22/16: 3-2OTW

Game #19-@Kings-11/23/16: 2-1SOL

Game #20-@Sharks-11/25/16: 4-2W

Game #21-vsFlames-11/28/16: 2-1W

Game #22-vsPenguins-11/30/16: 6-4L

November Record: 7-5-1 (15 points)

Overall Record: 13-7-2 (28 points)


Game #23-@Capitals-12/1/16: 3-2L

Game #24-vsDetroit-12/4/16: 5-4W

Game #25-vsRangers-12/6/16: 3-2SOW

Game #26-vsBlues-12/8/16: 2-1OTL

Game #27-@Columbus-12/10/16: 1-0W

Game #28-vsCapitals-12/13/16: 4-2L

Game #29-vsChicago-12/15/16: 4-3W

Game #30-@Sabres-12/16/16: 3-0L

Game #31-vsSenators-12/18/16: 3-2L

Game #32-@Bruins-12/20/16: 5-3L

Game #33-vsSabres-12/23/16: 3-1W

Game #34-vsCapitals-12/27/16: 2-1L

Game #35-@Wild-12/29/16: 3-2SOL

Game #36-@Jets-12/31/1: 5-1W

December Record: 6-6-2 (14 ponts)

Overall Record: 19-13-4 (40 points)


Game #37-@Avalanche-1/6/17: 2-0L

Game #38-@Coyotes-1/7/17: 1-0W

Game #39-vsPanthers-1/11/17: 4-1L

Game #40-@Panthers-1/13/17: 2-1OTW

Game #41-@Hurricanes-1/14/17: 6-1W

Game #42-@Bruins-1/16/17: 3-1W

Game #43-vsStars-1/19/17: 7-5W

Game #44-vsKings-1/21/17: 4-3SOW

Game #45-vsFlyers-1/22/17:4-2W

Game #46-vsColumbus-1/24/17: 3-2SOL

Game #47-vsMontreal-1/26/17: 2-1L

All-Star Break (Islanders All-Stars: John Tavares and Nick Leddy)

Game #48-vsCapitals-1/31/17: 4-1W

January Record: 8-3-1 (17 points)

Overall Record: 27-16-5 (59 points)


Game #49-@Detroit-2/3/17: 4-2W

Game #50-vsHurricanes-2/4/17: 6-2W

Game #51-vsToronto-2/6/17: 3-2W

Game #52-@Flyers-2/9/17: 2-1SOL

Game #53-@Senators-2/11/17: 4-3OTW

Game #54-vsAvalanche-2/12/17: 5-3W

Game #55-@Toronto-2/14/17: 4-1L

Game #56-vsRangers-2/16/16: 3-0W

Game #57-@Devils-2/18/17: 2-1SOW

Game #58-vsDevils-2/19/17: 4-2W

Game #59-@Detroit-2/21/17: 4-3OTL

Game #60-@Montreal-2/23/17: 3-2L

Game #61-@Columbus-2/25/17: 4-0W

I believe that the trade deadline is on the 28th of February. I won’t make any trade predictions because, again, that would throw off my predictions but I do see the Islanders making small moves like they did last season.

February Record: 9-2-2 (20 points)

Overall Record: 36-18-7 (79 points)


Game #62-@Stars-3/2/17: 4-2W

Game #63-@Chicago-3/3/17: 3-1L

Game #64-@Flames-3/5/17: 3-2W

Game #65-@Oilers-3/7/17: 5-2W

Game #66-@Canucks-3/9/17: 3-2W

Game #67-@Blues-3/11/17: 2-1SOW

Game #68-vsHurricanes-3/13/17: 6-4W

Game #69-@Hurricanes-3/14/17: 3-2L

Game #70-vsJets-3/16/17: 4-3OTW

Game #71-vsColumbus-3/18/17: 2-1W

Game #72-@Rangers-3/22/17: 2-1L

Game #73-@Penguins-3/24/17: 4-2L

Game #74-vsBoston-3/25/17:3-1W

Game #75-vsPredators-3/27/17: 6-5W

Game #76-@Flyers-3/30/17: 1-0SOL

Game #77-vsDevils-3/31/17: 3-2W

March Record: 11-4-1 (23 points)

Overall Record: 47-22-8 (102 points)


Game #78-@Sabres-4/2/17: 4-3OTL

Game #79-@Predators-4/4/17: 4-2L

Game #80-@Hurricanes-4/6/17: 6-1W

Game #81-@Devils-4/8/17: 4-2L

Game #82-vsSenators-4/9/17: 3-1L

April Record: 1-3-1 (3 points)

Overall Record (Final Regular-Season Record): 48-25-9 (105 points)


East Playoff Standings:









Wild Card-



West Playoff Standings:









Wild Card-



Round 1:


Penguins vs Detroit: 4-1 Penguins

Lightning vs Rangers: 4-2 Lightning

Capitals vs Islanders: 4-3 Capitals

Montreal vs Panthers: 4-3 Panthers


Stars vs Blackhawks: 4-3 Stars

Ducks vs Coyotes: 4-3 Coyotes

Blues vs Predators: 4-2 Blues

Sharks vs Flames: 4-0 Sharks

Round 2:


Penguins vs Capitals: 4-3 Capitals

Lightning vs Panthers: 4-2 Panthers


Stars vs Blues: 4-2 Blues

Sharks vs Coyotes: 4-1 Sharks

Conference Finals:

East- Capitals vs Panthers: 4-2 Capitals

West- Blues vs Sharks: 4-1 Blues

Stanley Cup Final:

Capitals vs Blues: 4-3 Capitals

Conn Smythe Winner: Braden Holtby


Stanley Cup: Washington Capitals

President’s Trophy: Dallas Stars

Prince Of Wales Trophy: Washington Capitals

Clarence S. Campbell Bowl: St. Louis Blues

Hart Memorial Trophy: Tyler Seguin

Lady Byng Memorial Trophy: Connor McDavid

Vezina Trophy: Carey Price

Calder Memorial Trophy: Auston Matthews

Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy: Jaromir Jagr

Ted Lindsay Award: Sidney Crosby

Jack Adams Award: Lindy Ruff

William M. Jennings: Jaroslav Halak/Thomas Greiss

King Clancy Memorial Trophy: Sidney Crosby

Maurice ‘Rocket’ Richard Trophy: Alexander Ovechkin

Mark Messier Leadership Award: John Tavares

NHL General Manager of the Year: Jim Nill

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